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Land for Sale With Planning Permission

Colin Anderson became interested in self building in the late eighties but it took a further decade to get the plans rolling. In 1999 Colin was in a position to begin planning his self build home – proposing a 4 bedroom detached home in Surrey.

“Having been mentally preparing for the build for close to 10 years I was champing at the bit to get started. I was in a fortunate position to have the capital behind me to purchase a plot of land for sale with planning permission - and given the painful wait I’d had I was glad to be getting started.”

“I purchased a plot of land for sale of 0.4 acres for £475,000 – with outline planning permission (OPP) for a 4 bedroom dwelling with a garage. The outline planning allowed me some flexibility to design the house how I had envisioned it all these years rather than detailed planning where the design appears somewhat set in stone. While I had an informal chat with the local planning officer to see if she thought that the ideas I had would make it though Detailed Planning stages there was still no guarantee that the outline planning already in place would guarantee me the ability to achieve what I hoped.”

“As expected I did encounter some difficulties in getting the final plans through the Detailed Planning Application. It required compromising on both sides, though admittedly I was the one having to move the most. Having heard the plans were going to be rejected I pulled them and cancelled my application. This gave me a chance to make alterations without having a failed application.”

“The bottom line is that I did get my dream home built and did need to compromise but it does not detract from the finished build. In retrospect I do wonder whether my money was spent wisely on land with planning permission. It cost close to 10 times that of land without planning, yet was not as smooth and trouble free as I had hoped and imagined.”

“Planning permission is definitely an area where there are no guarantees either way. At the end of the day I feel it saved time but who is to say that land without planning permission may not have gained planning consent in the months of wrangling…”

Colin Anderson paid a premium for land for sale with planning permission and was happy to do so. He had a dream and had the funds to buy straightaway. Planning has long been a grey area as politics can become entangled, but even with outline planning permission, compromises to satisfy the authorities had to be made.

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