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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is most commonly found in kitchens or bathrooms. It's easy to maintain wipe clean surface is a major plus point.

There are two types of vinyl flooring – backed and unbacked.

  • Unbacked: Sandwiching the patterned layer between a PVC base and a clear PVC layer. The covering is common in all vinyl and ensures durability against wear and tear. Some vinyls will have more than one layer of covering making them more hard wearing and more suitable for areas where damage is more likely to be incurred.

  • Backed vinyl is manufactured similarly to unbacked. However, an underlay is added in-between the patterned layer and the PVC base is making it softer and warmer to walk on. This adds to the cost.

Preparing the Floor

It should be ensured that the floor dry and clean of dust. Ensure the floor is flat by hardboarding a woodenfloor or screeding a concrete floor. Self-levelling screed compound is ideal for DIY.

Laying Vinyl

Begin by laying the vinyl against the longest wall first. Pull the vinyl away from the wall by approximately 1 inch. The vinyl should be parallel with the wall.

Hammer a long nail through a wooden baton about 1 and a half inches from the end. Pressing the baton against the wall and drag the nail along the vinyl scribing an exact replication of the wall shape along the surface of the flooring. This takes into account any variation in the wall so the vinyl will sit flush to the wall.

Continuing – press the vinyl into the angle between skirting and floor using a flat head screwdriver or bolster. A metal straight edge should be aligned against the crease and then cut with a sharp knife.

Vinyl in door openings or beneath the kickboards of kitchen units should be glued down. The vinyl adhesive should be spread using a toothed spreader and the vinyl pressed down onto this.


Profiling is where the imperfections, when laying vinyl, really show up. To profile the vinyl around a toilet or basin fold back the sheet and pierce it just above the floor level. Drawing the blade upwards toward the edge of the sheet make triangular cuts around the base, working your way around the base until the vinyl lies flat. Crease then cut off any excess waste. Use a floor adhesive to glue the area flat to the floor around the fitting.

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