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Planning Permission

Outline planning permission (OPP)
Outline planning permission gives an indication of permitted development – footprint and the height of the building, and should include a simple drawing showing the footprint. Outline planning permission is subject to a condition that full planning details will need to be approved before building can commence. Building plots for sale can be purchased with outline planning permission.

Outline planning permission is valid for up to five years but you have just three years to apply for Detailed Planning Permission.

Detailed Planning Permission (DPP)
Detailed planning permission must be submitted within three years of outline planning permission. Detailed designs should be submitted in order to gain approval to build.

Building must commence within 2 years.

Full Planning Permission (FPP)
Full planning permission is a combination of outline planning consent and detailed planning consent - with all detailed information submitted in a single application. Full Planning Permission is common where the proposed development is contentious. Plots in conservation areas or next to listed buildings are often sold with full planning permission, to ensure that your plot of land can be built on. Some conditions may be attached to the planning approval.

Full Planning Permission is valid for five years from the date of consent.

NB: New planning consent does not override an existing planning permission. A new planning application for the building you wish to build will not in jeopardise existing permissions.

Listed Building Consent: Required in addition to planning permission before any alterations can begin on a listed building or any new buildings within its curtilage. There is no fee for this consent.

When your house design is complete and are satisfied that it meets your needs and the requirements of your local authority, an application for planning permission should be submitted.

  • Many self builders find applying for planning permission to be a drawn out process which can cause delay and disruption to their plans. Having a planning consultant, architect, building surveyor or designer to advise or carry the planning application out for you may increase your chances of success.

  • Planning permission is a subjective matter and unless dealt with carefully, can lead to disputes as local council politics come into play. Leave the negotiating to your planning consultant and be prepared to be patient, flexible and co-operative to assist the planning permission process.

  • It is important to have an understanding of the planning process, not matter how big or small a role you wish to have in your self build home.