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Buying Building Plots for Sale

Information on purchasing building plots for sale

A building plot for sale can take up to 35 percent of the total budget of the self build. And beyond planning, locating and buying a building plot for sale is the first step in realising a self build home - and arguably the hardest and most important.

Building plots for sale with planning permission can be very expensive, however plots for sale available without planning permission can offer a big saving, but there are no guarantees that it will be granted.

Plots for sale next to an existing development may increase the likelihood of planning permission being granted. You may also benefit from already established communications and have easier access to services including electricity and water.

When searching for building plots for sale, the Internet contains a wealth of information on locating plots for sale. From subscription service websites to email alerts when plots come on the market, the Internet has the most up to date information on plot availability.

A building plot is a large purchase yet some companies charge a fee simply for looking at their land database. Others offer plots for sale without a house in sight and may be unlikely to gain planning permission.

Land Agents can provide a valuable service, sometimes dealing with several land sellers they often have the contacts and the access to land from many sources. The Land Agent will be taking a cut of the price you pay though, so the more direct the route to buying land the better.

Picking up then telephone and speaking with Land Agents, Estate Agents and any contacts you may have is often the best route. By showing you are keen they may give you first refusal on new plots of land in your chosen area.

Choosing what type of building plot of land to purchase there are a number of considerations. What is the timescale of your project?

One way to minimise planning permission issues with your self build home is to buy land that already has a house built. This could be demolished before or after your self build home is complete. Planning permission for this residence will (probably) have already been obtained. If you do plan to demolish and build on the land you maybe restricted to building to the same footprint as the previous dwelling.

It is possible to obtain further information about a property on the Internet. The Land Registry is online, and for a fee of £2 providing you have an address or title number you can search a detailed history and ownership of the property that includes information on the land, planning permission and rights of way.

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